When I had Automotive Excess order my kit I was going to buy the traditional Clayton Radius Arm 4 link, but when Jeff got off the phone with Adam from @claytonoffroad and heard Clayton was engineering a 3 link front for the ZJ, a Clayton 3 link front on a ZJ has been done using modified XJ a crossmember etc etc etc. And modified, I believe Eric Miller at Miller Racing was one of the first ones to modify the XJ Clayton 3 link front to a ZJ and very successfully at that!  But this 3 link is the official Clayton 3 link front and 4 link rear kit as seen on the web!  As soon as Jeff hung up the phone he had already made up his mind, he wanted his shop to be the first order and install of the new COR ZJ 3 link front. Since it wasn’t being produced or for sale on Claytons website there were no guarantees that Jeff and Shane at @automotive_excess wouldn't run into an issue with fitment especially cause I'm at 4.5" and it's designed for 5" coil springs, it took about 3 seconds for me to agree.  And let me tell you Automotive Excess didn't disappoint, Shane and Jeff nailed it, it's a bad ass setup. These two ZJ's both have the 3 link front the red one is owned by Clayton and it's the full kit with 5" springs ...mine is the slate it still has the 4.5" BDS springs #funFacts #ZJ3link #clayton3link #Automotiveexcess #z88zog #5nineZjRegistryForNinerOwners #TheFirstOneEVER